More than an insurance partner

We don’t think you should buy insurance “off the peg” for your most prized assets and possessions.

Our specialised team of Private Client Advisers can assist you in assessing the levels of risk you are exposed to, provide you with advice and offer solutions for bespoke insurance arrangements which cater for your individual needs.

We offer our services on the basis of a fair analysis of available markets and whilst a “fair price” is part of our remit, we add real value in our professional advice, ensuring the insurance solution fits your requirements.

We will also assist you in submitting your claim to the insurance company.

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Corporate Business

Smarter SolutionsTM

Our processes, products and services all combine into a well structured and proven approach. We work with individuals on a one to one basis, talking, asking questions and making sure we fully understand the pressures you are facing.

Our risk solutions are smarter as a result.