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Increasing litigation means that as a provider of professional services, you have a duty of care for the advice you give.

Protecting your business with Professional Indemnity insurance is essential.

We offer bespoke solutions.

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Over the years we've worked with many professionals, helping them achieve relevant insurance solutions to meet their varied and specialised needs.

Asset Protection
Business Interruption
Professional Indemnity


Corporate Business

Smarter SolutionsTM

Our processes, products and services all combine into a well structured and proven approach. We work with individuals on a one to one basis, talking, asking questions and making sure we fully understand the pressures you are facing.

Our risk solutions are smarter as a result.



"Brunsdon have been providing the insurance for Cavendish Venues for in excess of 15 years and they have always provided superb service and very competitive cost effective solutions for our insurances; they do a great job and are always on hand to provide support when needed"
Dermot Waldron, Director - Cavendish Conference Venues


Essential Business Protection

A breach of your cyber security is one of the biggest threats to your business that the 21st century has to offer!

In 2014, 81% of large corporations and 60% of small businesses were compromised, with average costs ranging from £65K to £1.5 m.*

You are particularly liable to attack if your company holds sensitive customer data, including financial information and/or relies heavily on IT to conduct its business.

Our knowledge and experience to design a tailored solution will complement your existing cover.

*Source: British Insurers Association

Management Liability Protection

As a business, directors, senior staff and employees have responsibilities that can be of a civil criminal or regulatory nature.

Regardless of fault, an action against your company or any past, present or future directors, officers or employees could incur significant legal costs to defend.

Whether public, private or non-profit, these exposures exist. Covers include:

Directors and Officers Liability

Personal liability covering the legal costs, awards and settlements for any claim or regulatory action

Employment Practices Liability

Employment claims including wrongful dismissal, discrimination and harassment, (whether from employees or third parties), including for legal costs, awards and settlements.

Commercial Legal Expenses
Designed to cover the cost of defending legal claims made against you or your business, including the appointment of legal counsel and expert witnesses.