BREXIT - Green Cards - Everything You Need to Know


Uncertainty remains on whether the UK leaves the European Union without a Withdrawal Agreement (a ‘no-deal Brexit’), if this happens, UK motor insurance customers driving in the European Economic Area, Andorra, Serbia and Switzerland will need physical proof of motor insurance when they travel, commonly referred to as a Green Card.


What is a Green Card ?

A Green Card is a physical document that acts as evidence that the minimum legal cover required is in force for the country visited whilst driving outside the UK.

Who will require a Green Card ?

In the event of a “no deal” a Green card will be required for all vehicles which travel in the EU after 29th March 2019 to prove that they have the required insurance , regardless of the level of motor cover provided on their motor policy.

You will also require a Green Card if you drive from Northern Ireland to The Republic of Ireland.

If you are travelling with a trailer you must register any commercial trailer over 750kg before towing them abroad from 28th March 2019. A separately registered trailer will require a Green card. All trailers weighing over 3500kg must also be registered.

What will happen if I travel without a green card ?

It is highly probable that you will not be allowed to cross the border or gain access onto a ferry. If you are able to travel and are subsequently stopped you could be fined and have your vehicle impounded.

Please note that there is NO cover under any motor policy to pay fines and release fees.



What action do I need to take ?

If you require a Green card you need to contact your Insurance Broker
( Brunsdon ) who will then arrange for the relevant Insurance Company to issue the Green card.

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